Our Story

Herman Mantis was created by brothers Sam and Will Caswell who grew up in Marblehead Massachusetts and later moved to Bethel, ME.  Sam showed a passion for photography and a unique talent in music from a very young age while Will was drawn to the video camera and deeply committed to mastering all sorts of board riding, a kinetic artist if you will.  They moved with their family to the western mountains of Maine in 2000 where they experienced their first taste of being the new kids on the block.  Their young lives were busy with sports, arts, music and school and as brothers they developed their own unique paths.  Sam headed in the direction of music, choosing to study Audio-Engineering and Music Business at The New England Institute of Art and Will headed in a more sports oriented direction focusing on Media and Business at The University of Southern Maine.

Both young men experienced the disillusionment of “The Corporate Ladder” climbing and began envisioning a life of running their own creative company where they would be the masters of their own time. They had the rare opportunity to participate in a sailing journey from Antigua BVI to Newport RI consisting of over 5 weeks of island hopping with their Dad.  Long hours at sea brought out the storyteller in their Father.  He shared his experience at Woodstock in 1969 where he was befriended by a praying mantis that clung to him for several days.  He named him Herman.

Sam and Will documented the sailing journey hoping to make a short film of their trip. The passage had fostered the birth of a dream, that together, with an outlet to collaborate all of their creative talents and resources, Herman Mantis, Inc. would be born.